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Win Cowger, PhD

I am an Environmental Scientist that studies pollution to find solutions.

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Artistic Contributions


Art can be a powerful communication tool and has been used thoroughly to awaken the public about the plastic pollution crisis and science.


  1. Combine science and art to visualize and communicate truth to non-scientific audiences.
  2. Impact my community through multimedia messaging.

Major Learnings

  1. Everyone interprets art differently, it is challenging to figure out the right visualization to reach the broadest audience.
  2. Hosting a podcast can be a fun way to get to know your department.

Highlighted Achievements

  • During COVID I created a podcast series to interview other scholars in my department to keep the department community alive: Youtube Series
  • We created a 3D visualization of how large the ocean plastic pollution problem is: Facing the Facts of Ocean Plastic Pollution
  • We created a horror 3D film about how bad ocean plastic could get and what the world would be like dominated by plastic: Current Affairs

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