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These functions will import the spectral libraries from Open Specy if they were not already downloaded. The CRAN does not allow for deployment of large datasets so this was a workaround that we are using to make sure everyone can easily get Open Specy functionality running on their desktop. Please see the references when using these libraries. These libraries are the accumulation of a massive amount of effort from independant groups and each should be attributed when you are using their data.


  type = c("derivative", "nobaseline", "raw", "mediod", "model"),
  path = "system",
  condition = "warning"

  type = c("derivative", "nobaseline", "raw", "mediod", "model"),
  path = "system",
  node = "x7dpz",
  conflicts = "overwrite",

load_lib(type, path = "system")

  type = c("derivative", "nobaseline", "raw", "mediod", "model"),
  path = "system"



library type to check/retrieve; defaults to c("derivative", "nobaseline", "raw", "mediod", "model") which reads everything.


where to save or look for local library files; defaults to "system" pointing to system.file("extdata", package = "OpenSpecy").


determines if check_lib() should warn ("warning", the default) or throw and error ("error").


the OSF node to be retrieved; should be "x7dpz" unless you maintain your own OSF node with spectral libraries.


determines what happens when a file with the same name exists at the specified destination. Can be one of the following (see osf_download() for details):


throw an error and abort the file transfer operation.


skip the conflicting file(s) and continue transferring the remaining files.

"overwrite" (default)

replace the existing file with the transferred copy.


further arguments passed to osf_download().


check_lib() and get_lib() return messages only; load_lib() returns an OpenSpecy object containing the respective spectral reference library.


check_lib() checks to see if the Open Specy reference library already exists on the users computer. get_lib() downloads the Open Specy library from OSF (doi:10.17605/OSF.IO/X7DPZ ). load_lib() will load the library into the global environment for use with the Open Specy functions. rm_lib() removes the libraries from your computer.


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Zacharias Steinmetz, Win Cowger


if (FALSE) {

spec_lib <- load_lib("derivative")