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  • Win Cowger. Maintainer, author, data contributor.

  • Zacharias Steinmetz. Author.

  • Nick Leong. Author.

  • Andrea Faltynkova. Author, data contributor.

  • Hannah Sherrod. Author.

  • Andrew B Gray. Contributor.

  • Hannah Hapich. Contributor.

  • Jennifer Lynch. Contributor, data contributor.

  • Hannah De Frond. Contributor, data contributor.

  • Keenan Munno. Contributor, data contributor.

  • Chelsea Rochman. Contributor, data contributor.

  • Sebastian Primpke. Contributor, data contributor.

  • Orestis Herodotou. Contributor.

  • Mary C Norris. Contributor.

  • Christine M Knauss. Contributor.

  • Aleksandra Karapetrova. Contributor, data contributor, reviewer.

  • Vesna Teofilovic. Contributor.

  • Laura A. T. Markley. Contributor.

  • Shreyas Patankar. Contributor, data contributor.

  • Rachel Kozloski. Contributor, data contributor.

  • Samiksha Singh. Contributor.

  • Katherine Lasdin. Contributor.

  • Cristiane Vidal. Contributor.

  • Clare Murphy-Hagan. Contributor.

  • Philipp Baumann. Contributor.

  • Pierre Roudier. Contributor.

  • National Renewable Energy Laboratory. Funder.

  • Possibility Lab. Funder.



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